Ben Hutchings
Arcade Project — Exhibition, 2018

Posters and website for the Arcade Project, a small unit converted into a contemporary art space temporarily contained within Whiley's shopping center in Notting Hill.

Adventitious Encounters — Book, Exhibition, 2018

Catalogue and exhibition design for the group show Adventitious Encounters. The pattern used within the identity is derived from the triacontakaitetragon (34 sided) architectural structure of the grand atrium in Whiteleys, around which the exhibition is shown. 17 x 24cm, 72pp.

Lunch Money — Book, 2017

Book for the group exhibition 'Lunch Money', featuring intimiate works from the sketchbooks, notebooks and moodboards of 25 international artists. With Noble People, printed with Studio Lars. 19.5 x 23.5cm, 56pp.

Processes of Translation – Website, Objects, 2017

A website documenting my research and subsequent visual explorations in the field of interstellar radio messages. I developed a series of operations that translate binary glyphs and reinterpret their form and furthermore their meaning through 3D imagery and material exploration.

Obscure Relative(s) — CSM BA Graphic Design Degree Show Identity, 2017

The title ‘Obscure Relatives’ emerged from an observation on the broad spectrum of work produced by the course and how not-so-obvious connections can be drawn between seemingly disconnected projects. It also alludes to life beyond CSM to the professional practice, where the purposes and boundaries of graphic design as it used to be known are shifting, sometimes beyond recognition. And to those unfamiliar with the world of graphic design: We are your Obscure Relative(s). With Oliver O'Callaghan & Kaori Toh. Coding Clara Koh & Kaori Toh.

A Visually Similar Travel Guide — Book, 2017

An exploration into how we can explore different locations and generate a journey through the eyes of a search engine. The expedition starts in Finsbury Park, my local neighborhood, with the plan of letting Google decide where to travel next. Using Google’s ‘Search Google for Images’ feature, and clicking through to the next visually similar image, we start to generate an ultimately endless stream of new locations. Using Google’s algoritm for visual substitution, we can generate an online journey not bound to expense or human control, totally letting the search engine decide where to go next.
7.5 x 18cm, accordion-bound, 40pp.

Fenial — Type Specimen, 2017 — Buy Font

Fenial is a typeface inspired by the look of many gothic blackletter scripts that utilise pointed terminals and sharp serifs, combined with the characteristics of some realist typefaces. Fenial’s name is derived from the word Finial meaning “an ornament at the top, end, or corner of an object, often formed to be a decorative feature”. This book is a specimen for the typeface. Fenial started an exploration into type design, and was developed over several months into a single weight typeface.
9 x 24cm, 56 pp.

A Blue, White, Green and Brown Jewel — Book, 2017

A research investigation into the societal effects of space exploration and the cultural narrative it has developed. The book explores several case studies where artists and designers have interacted with and reinterpreted the world of space exploration and celebrates the design of the counter-culture magazine The Whole Earth Catalog and the human side of space exploration.
12.5 x 20cm, 120 pp.

CSM Sessions & GCD Playlist — Posters, 2017

CSM Sessions is a monthly music event showcasing musical and visual talent from UAL students, staff and alumni. With George Dutton, Oliver O'Callaghan & Kwan Chow. GCD Playlist is a series of curated studio playlists run by CSM Graphic Communication Design inviting artists and designers to select a few of their favourite tracks.

New York Mozart Festival — Identity, 2016

A festival based in the Culture Shed in midtown Manhattan celebrating the life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart through classic recitals and modern adaptations. The identity works around the animated 'M' which serves as the logo and also a frame for imagery.

De Cecco — Packaging, 2016

Visual identity and packaging for De Cecco pasta. The De Cecco company produces hundreds of different types of pasta and pasta-related products, and this concept attempts to categorise this into a minimalistic yet sophisticated brand identity. Each product is easily identifiable and differentiated by its bold titling and numeric typographic system.